All Sky Digital set top boxes (including Sky+ and Sky+ HD) automaticaly update their firmware from certain satellite streams. This utility can download these firmware images using a DVB-S TV card. It also supports the extraction of the linux kernel and root file system from images for the following Sky+ HD boxes:

  • Amstrad DRX595
  • Amstrad DRX895 / DRX890 (both have same firmware)
  • Amstrad DRX780
  • Samsung HDSKY
  • Pace TDS850NB


  • First make sure you have a DVB-S TV card connected and correctly installed (it must also be connected to a dish pointed at 28.2°E).
  • Open the application.
  • If you want to change the download location you can do this by clicking "Browse".
  • Click "Start" to start downloading files, the utility will then tune to the correct transponder and download the files available on the two update streams.
  • When a firmware finishes downloading it will move to the "Completed Firmwares" list and if it is for one of the supported boxes the kernel and file system will be automaticaly extracted.
  • Double clicking a completed firmware will open it's download location.
  • The firmwares available on the streams will vary. The firmware file on the update stream will change every few hours while the firmwares on the forced update stream seem to be more constant (at the time of writing, the Pace PVR3 and all HD boxes except the Thompson).

Change Log


  • Added - Support for Pace TDS850NB Sky+ HD Box
  • Added - EPG Version detection
  • Added - Automatic extraction of binary config file


Binaries: Sky_Firmware_Tool_1.0.4488_bin.rar
Source Code: Google Code