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What is ExPVR?

ExPVR is a software package which allows you to manage the recordings stored on Sky+, Sky+ HD and other XTV-based personal video recorders.

ExPVR will allow you to:

  • Upgrade your existing Sky+ HD box hard disk space up to a huge 2TB, while retaining all of your existing recordings.
  • Transfer your recordings between Sky+ HD boxes.
  • Copy recordings from your old SD Sky+, or Thompson Sky+ HD box to your new device.
  • Backup your Sky+ recordings to your PC, safe-guarding them from being lost.
  • Merge recordings from multiple Sky+ devices or disks, onto one.
  • Copy FTA Sky+ recordings to your computer, allowing them to be watched in your favourite media player!

There is no other software on the market that can do this!


ExPVR has been extensively tested with all of the UK Sky+ and Sky+ HD devices. Support is also included for other XTV boxes from around the world, including:

  • My Sky HD (Sky Italia)
  • Foxtel iQ (Foxtel Australia)
  • Foxtel iQHD
Devices from other countries (e.g. Tata Sky+ HD, Sky Deutschland and DirecTV (US)) may work, but have not yet been tested. If you have one of these devices, we will happily work with you to add support.

For a full list of supported devices, please visit our Device Support page.

Purchase ExPVR

For copies between hard disks, the free version of ExPVR is limited to copying 15 recordings at a time. For extracting recordings to view on your PC, the free version is limited to copying the first 200MB of each recording. Please visit the features section for a full comparison.

You can purchase this application now for only £19.99:

Your personal registration key will be sent to you automatically once the payment is complete.