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Extract From Sky+ HD to PC (to watch on PC)

Limited to 200Mb
per recording

Copy Between Sky+ HD Hard Drives

Limited to 15
recordings per copy

Copy recordings from a Sky+ box to Sky+ HD box

Note: There are currently issues copying from Sky+SD to the DRX890 after a recent sky update.

Limited to 15
recordings per copy

Format a new disk for use in a Sky+ HD box

Merge recordings from multiple Sky+ HD boxes

Display all the details of each recording in the planner

Use for commercial purposes


Copying Between Hard Drives

ExPVR allows the copying of recordings to a new Sky+ HD hard disk. This allows you to upgrade your Sky+ HD hard drive to a greater size without losing your recordings!

Current Features

  • Able to extract all non-encrypted recordings from supported PVRs.
  • Copy recordings between Sky+ HD hard disks.
  • Repair issues with your Sky+ HD recordings.
  • Copy recordings from older Sky+ devices to newer Sky+ HD boxes
  • Format new hard disks for use in an XTV based PVR.
  • Able to choose which recordings to copy to the new disk.
  • Re-adds PMT, PAT, ECM and PCR to the recordings to increase compatibility with video players.
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface.
  • Supports batch copies, just select all the recordings you want to extract and ExPVR will do the rest!
  • Full planner support; all the details of each recording are shown, including the channel name, recording title and synopsis.
  • Complete help file guiding you through the extraction process.
  • Able to extract directly from the disk, or from a disk image.
  • Merging of recordings on multiple hard disks onto one.
  • All future updates are included in the price!

Planned Features

  • Planner editing.
  • Adding new video files to the planner.
  • If you have any more suggestions please post in our forums!