On the 'Home' page you can access general details about the router.

Connection Details

The connection details page displays basic connection details and allows you to reboot or resync the router. A definition of these details is below:

  • Sync Rate - The currently negotiated rate.

  • Max Rate - The estimated maximum rate achievable with the line (assuming currently set target SNR Margin).

  • Attenuation - The power loss during transmission (dependent on line length).

  • SNR Margin - The difference between the SNR required for the current connection speed and the actual SNR.

  • ADSL Mode - This is the current ADSL mode. This will usually be either ADSL2+, ADSL2 or G.DMT.

  • Channel - This shows whether or not interleaving is enabled (Fast means no interleaving).

  • Average Error Rate - The average number of CRC errors which have been occurring every hour since your router was last reset.