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Web Interface Help - Graphs

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The 'Graphs' section is one of the most powerful parts of Sky Router Tool. Here you can display graphs of logged data (bandwidth usage and SNR margin) and advanced ADSL statistics.

All graphs support zooming (using the scroll-wheel on your mouse) and panning (just drag the graph to move around).

Historic Graphs

The historic graphs are the graphs which show previously logged data. Once a graph is selected you can change the time-span displayed using the options at the top of the page.

The table at the bottom of these graphs gives an overview of the data in the currently selected time-span.

ADSL Connection Graphs

These graphs display advanced ADSL connection details. All graphs are available for the DG834GT router; unfortunatly only the 'Bit Loading' graph is currently available for the DG934G. The frequency is measured in kHz.

  • Bit Loading - This shows the number of bits carried by each frequency on the ADSL line.

  • Signal to Noise Ratio - This shows the signal to noise ratio (in dB) for each frequency.

  • Quiet Line Noise - This shows the amount of noise present on the line at each frequency.

  • Attenuation - This shows the attenuation of the signal at each frequency.

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