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Copying Recordings to a New Disk

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Firstly you need to load your planner, see Planner Loading for details.

From the list of recordings displayed you can select the ones your wish to copy by clicking the check box next to each recording. You can also right click the recording list and click 'Check All' to select all of the recordings.

Once you have selected your recordings, click the hard disk icon on the toolbar.

ExPVR Screenshot

You will then be asked to specify a target hard drive. You can also copy to a disk image by clicking "Create Image", this will backup the selected recordings to your computer.

If you have attached your target hard drive and it is not showing up, make sure that it contains no partitions. Hard drives with partitions are not shown in the list so that a loss of data is prevented.

ExPVR Screenshot

After clicking next, the copy process will start. For large drives this can take some time.

ExPVR Screenshot

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